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Many students want to research. But excellent university is not enough. Better to avoid pitfalls

Become a researcher involves the selection of a domain of knowledge (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, sociology, psychology, etc.). Upon enrollment in higher education . However, with the options chosen in the first year, other orientations are possible. Certainly, given the duration of the studies, it is better to choose a subject that interests you. But remember that even though most of the subjects taught at the University represent an area of research, it is better to opt for the ones that offer real opportunities. All disciplines are interesting in themselves but their job prospects are not equal. If you want to become a scientist , remember that your training will be long (bac + 8 minimum). Upon entry to the University, it is important to choose the right field of study. Later, before the entry into master research should be carefully select its first research subjects and academic advisor who will conduct your research first.

Choose their field of study

Whether you want to become a teacher-researcher or researcher in a company prefer sports where job openings of lecturer or employment opportunities (on the scale of France) are more likely to be less than excellent student, relationships in the world of research and discipline coveted already have an idea in mind specific research that could possibly interest a company or a teacher. In some fields, a majority of candidate (s) who obtained a research master with words (sometimes with honors!) May pursue a doctorate lack of funds.

In some cases, for example when the value of discipline is not recognized by society (including academia), it is sometimes given only to 25 scholarship PhD candidates. Now, at age 23, performing three to four years of study without financial support certain and durable, is to take the risk of dropping out during the preparation of the thesis. Similarly, combining job (often temporary) and thesis preparation is extremely difficult.

Choose the subject of his first research paper

As for the choice of field research, the choice of research topic is important because it often determines the rest of your studies and can get interesting internships in the workplace and sometimes a first job. The topic of the master thesis one usually determines the master 2 or doctoral thesis. Again, we can be guided by personal taste. However, it is best to also take into account the overall assessment of the theme. From the master one, be sure to choose the topic of your research paper based on the interest it arouses in society, business and unit training and research (UFR) in when you make your first introduction to research. Some topics “boats”, which have only limited or no interest except that of “fat” stores university libraries (BU), sometimes appear in the proposed research topics students master one by some teachers . Of course, the topics suggested by teachers are proposals to guide students in their choice and are in no way mandatory. Nothing prohibits a student to propose a research topic in its referent teacher (of course choosing a topic covered by it).

Choose his teacher referent

The choice of research topic is related to the academic advisor, it is also crucial to choose one. Lecturer or university professor, prefer a coveted reputation in the discipline. Also, do not hesitate to leave your area! Become a researcher often involves geographic mobility! The best teachers frequently attract many students so we’ll make an appointment with one license from the 3, with convincing references (notes, training etc). Motivation and foolproof even with at least one letter recommendation of one or more of your teachers!.

If you can study in your area, shorten teachers flee the interview while you have set an appointment (they are not interested in your project!), Those who demand nothing you (to research excellence and rigor required! If the teacher asks little is that it does not believe in you and your project). If you do not know enough the teacher must direct your research, arrange to discuss with students from Master 2 or doctoral candidates who are generally knowledgeable teachers. Be demanding and insightful! This is a prerequisite to enter the right foot into the world of research.