Nokia to challenge iPhone 5 with a new Windows 8 Smart Phone ?

The heat is up and Nokia is going to challenge the iPhone 5 in September 2012 itself. September is actually the month of Smart-phone fight and manufactures are planning to disclose their new marketing ideas on the same month. There are several reliable rumors going around the launch of Apple iPhone 5. Not like iPhone 4S and the new operating system iOS 6, people are expecting the iPhone 5 in September itself. Last year Apple delayed the release of iPhone 4S from June to October due to the incompletion of the operating system iOS 6.


At the same time tight competition is still going between Apple and Samsung. Samsung is also preparing to launch their Galaxy Note 2 in the same month. In the case of HTC, they are planning to launch a big screen Smart-phone; that is, 5 inch screen size hybrid Smart-phone in the same month. Actually, the fight is against Apple, most of these Smart-phone manufactures are intending to develop an Android phone to beat the market of Apple. However, things are going to be difficult for Android and windows Phone developers. For instance, some rumors say that Apple is also intending to launch their mini iPad and nano iPod in the same month together with iPhone 5. Actually, Apple itself is challenging all the Android developers by introducing varied products with different price ranges.

Nokia says no to Android

However, in the case of Nokia things are little bit different. First of all they are not using an Android software as their operating system. Even though their own operating system Symbian was a failure they tried to get back by making a tie up with windows operating system. The fight is equally important for Microsoft also. They are actually trying to challenge both Google and Apple. Nokia enthusiasts are expecting the launch of new Nokia Windows Phone 8 Smart-phone by the middle of September. However, nobody is clear about the correct launch date of the Nokia Smart-phone.

The Blackberry Confusion

Blackberry is still keeping their position intact in the middle of this confusion. The device is still gaining more business firms just because of their famous email application. At the same time, they have been showing a fast growth while comparing all the Android Smart-phone companies. Like, Nokia they are also using their very own operating system, but with a good rate of success. Even though some of their models failed in the market, they succeeded in maintaining their market with new applications. New rumors are coming that Blackberry will also try their luck by introducing new models before the beginning of winter.

Microsoft hopes high on Windows 8

For Microsoft, launching of Nokia Phone in September is an important event. This is just because of the fact that they are launching their new windows platform; that is, windows 8 to the market along with the Nokia Smart-phone. More than a mobile operating system people are expecting new features and are keenly looking how they are going to beat both Apple and Android using their new operating system windows 8. However, the Nokia windows 8 will have a new interface, high-definition displays, special slot for storage cards and double cor processors.