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You will find this button in the upper left corner of the screen.When

you click it, a menu will appear. This menu will let you

open, create, save and print files. It also has other options.

Right next to the Office button is the the Quick access toolbar. This

toolbar lets you use commands that are frequently used and give you

easier access to them. This toolbar can be customized.

Right next to the Toolbar you will find the Title bar. The title bar shows the title of the document that is currently open.

You can see the Ribbon at the top under the Title bar. The ribbon consists of tabs that are categories that have groups that have related commands. There is a dialog box launcher that will give you access to more commands.

You will see this under the Ribbon. You can use the ribbon to change the width of the Document. If you do not see it you must follow these steps.

* Click on the View tab


* Select the check box next to Ruler in the Show/Hide group

Under the ruler is the text area. This is where you type the text of your document. The blinking vertical line is called the cursor. This shows where you are about to edit or type something. The horizontal line by the cursor show where the document ends.

The vertical and horizontal scroll bars lets you scroll up, down, and across your window. The vertical scroll bar is on the right side of page. The horizontal scroll bar is above the status bar. To go up and down your document, drag the vertical scroll bar up and down. To move left and right across your document, drag the horizontal scroll bar back and forth.

The status bar is all the way at the bottom and tells you things like the page you currently are on and and the number of words in the document.You could change what is shown on the status bar by right click it and selcting the options you want to have from the customize status bar menu.

Draft View

This is the most commonly used view and you can use it to quickly change your document.

Web Layout

This allows you to see how your document would be shown in a web browser.

Print Layout

This allows you to see how the document would look if you printed it.

Reading Layout

This view makes reading you document reading

Outline View

This shows the document in outline form.You can show headings without the text

To view non-printing characters:


You can move your cursor by going to a location on the document and left clicking it.You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the cursor upp,down, and side to side.


Word does not have a special button or control to start a new paragraph.All you have to do is hit enter ,just like starting a new line.