How To Profit In Internet Marketing ( The Right Way )

I am like many of you I am sure when it comes to getting started in internet marketing.
I signed up for all the webinars, bought all the internet scams and hips and at the end of the day I was out thousands of dollars and no closer to leaving my day job then before. In fact I was in debt. I did finally figure it out for myself after another year of on again off again trial and error and this is how I finally quite my day job.

Myth one. You need to promote other peoples products and services to be successful. After all they have a website and a product so they must be successful. Wrong. These people are just like you and me with one big exception. It’s not their website that makes them successful, although without a great website they are nothing, it’s the fact that THEY have their own product to sell. Think about it, the product owners are in control of their own destiny. The product owners can charge what ever price they want, they can promote their product when ever and where ever they want and they don’t have to split their profits with anyone. These people are in complete control.

Myth two. In order to have my own product to sell I must hire a programmer, a website designer and a copy writer. Wrong. I was told by the so called Gurus that this is what it takes to bring your product to market. So I started down this path only to find out that the expense was huge, the website designer could not get my vision and my copy writer wasn’t very good. Out more money and no closer to my dream then before. I eventually did discover the secret of getting my own product with my own website
with very little out of pocket cost. This secret is very powerful and has allowed me to quite my day job. Please pay close attention to what I am about to give you for free. This will save you a lot of money and countless hours. The secret is to buy a ready made website in a niche of your choice already loaded with the product of your choice with professionally written copy to draw sales. I got everything I needed for $49.95 at money making websites. In fact I have purchased several sites from them.

Myth three. I need to be a programmer to setup and maintain a website. Wrong. Most hosting companies have 24/7 support with easy to use interfaces. I use Host Gator but there are many out there.

Myth four. All the good domain names are taken so what will I call my website. Wrong. There are countless domain names out there for you site. I suggest using Go Daddy to find one. Your domain name should contain a keyword about your product. For example if you are selling fitness products your domain can look like this, or some variation. At Go you can put in a domain name you like and if it is taken they will give you suggestions of others.

Myth five. To advertise my product on the internet is expensive. Wrong. You can get quality leads for just pennies a click. Try bidsystem.adknowledge, clicksor and www.leadimpact just to mention a few.

Myth six. There is no such thing as good free advertising . Wrong. There are many good sources of quality free advertising if you know where to look and how to correctly get it. One example is an email list or ” mailing list ” as it is called in the business. This mailing list can be generated from your own website. All you need is an opt in box on your home page. When a customer adds their name a email you collect it and send them a free report about the subject they inquired about. You can later use this list to send offers to your clients through an autosponders all on auto pilot. This is a great source of income. Do not overlook it. I got a 12 part video course on list building from how to build an email list which has made me a lot of extra money.
Other way to get free advertising is through blogs and article exchanges. If done correctly you can get a good ranking on Google which translates into more free advertising and sales. A good free program that I use for this is free article submitter

Good luck and good selling.