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Why didn’t he call? The question has been asked so many times it’s almost boring. Yet oddly, it never fails to intrigue.
A friend of mine, Annie, went out on a date with a guy she met at a party. According to her, he was cute. Not Brad Pitt, but not Danny Da Vito either. Let’s call him Adam Sandler. She could stand to eat dinner with him for an hour. “What the hell?” she thought. “He’s kind of funny and a girl’s gotta eat.”
I have to say Annie is one of those girls you hate to be in a room with if you’re another woman. You could be wearing only a pair of tube socks and not get noticed.
Anyway, It turns out not only could Annie have dinner with our Adam Sandler, but she could laugh her way all the way back to his apartment. The wine might have helped to make him a little funnier and upgrade him to more of a Paul Rudd-kind-of-cute, but she knew what she was doing. After a few rolls in the sheets and a drunkity-drunk night’s sleep, she found herself on that all too familiar path the next morning. I’m not talking about the wobbly walk of shame in three-inch heels and a mini skirt. I’m talking about that slippery slope every woman finds herself on the morning after – “What happens next?” The thought creeps into your head like a toxic goo. Annie knew it wasn’t right to have that thought, but she couldn’t help it from rushing straight to the high priority part of her brain. Forget about food or shelter. All she cared about was…”Will he call?”
Annie wasn’t even sure if she wanted to see Adam-Paul again. He wasn’t her type. But as the days went by without a phone call from him, she couldn’t help but get riled up. She doesn’t normally call out her own beauty, but when something as confusing as this happens, I could forgive her when she said, “I can’t believe HE hasn’t called ME!”
At last count, there are about five hundred trillion, six hundred twenty-two billion, three hundred fifty-eight million, seven hundred eighty thousand, two hundred forty-three different flavors of the “Why didn’t he call?” story. Hours, days, and even years of wasted time is spent by women asking this question. I’ve seen it wreck a girl’s self-esteem and prevent her from doing truly remarkable things with her time. All because of some stupid guy!
The truth is ladies, it doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t call, he doesn’t call. End of story. Move on. If he doesn’t call, he’s not worth your time. With our complex mix of hormones that drive us to connect and cuddle, it’s hard for the female brain to accept sometimes, but just think about how true it is. Why would you want to spend time with someone who doesn’t have the courtesy to call you on the phone like a decent person? What is so important about this guy’s call to your life that you devote precious hours thinking about it, beating yourself up and putting yourself down in the process? It’s not worth it. Repeat it to yourself until you believe it. IT’S NOT WORTH IT.
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