Common on iPhone 11 problems and how to fix them

After reaching the hands of users for nearly a month, many users have complained that the iPhone 11 series has quite a lot of problems when using this smartphone. However, these problems users can fix themselves.

Here are the common errors on iPhone 11 that come with bug fixes. If you are using the iPhone 11 series and have encountered the problems in the list below, please follow the instructions to fix the iPhone 11 error promptly.

How to Fix iPhone 11 can’t connect to Bluetooth

If you face the problem that iPhone 11 can not connect to Bluetooth speakers in the car, connection hangs; please follow how to fix the iPhone 11 Bluetooth problem as below.

Go to the Settings app> Bluetooth and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. If Bluetooth is turned off and not turned on, please reset your iPhone, then turn on Bluetooth again.

Before turning on the Bluetooth, go to near the device that you want to connect for the best connection. And make sure that your connected device is fully charged.

How to Fix iPhone 11 not charge on wireless charging

Some iPhone 11 users have problems connecting to wireless charging. When they put their device on Qi wireless charger, the receiver got charged but didn’t run, and the temperature went up. You can follow the instructions below to fix the wireless charging error on iPhone 11.

Firstly, press and release the Volume Up button, then press and release the Volume Down button. Then hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo appear.

iPhone 11 overheating issues

The appropriate ambient temperature for iPhones to operate is from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. Part of the iPhone’s temperature is also affected by the surrounding climate. However, if the ambient temperature is not too hot and your iPhone is still ” high fever, ‚ÄĚplease follow the tips below.

  • Do not put the iPhone in the sun while charging
  • Remove the iPhone case to reduce the temperature
  • Make sure the iPhone uses the genuine charger.
  • Turn off some connections like Bluetooth, Airdrop, turn off location services, etc.
  • Turn off the iPhone 11 and wait for the device to cool down before turning it on.

Usually, the iPhone heats up when you play a game that has large storage, or when you use a non-genuine charger that causes the phone to heat up, or you use 4G when it is out in the sun, causing the phone to heat up continuously. At that time, please stop using, put the phone in place with a stable temperature, then restart to see if the situation has improved or not.

There are some common problems on iPhone 11 series, if the iPhone you are using encounters some of these problems, please apply it to fix the problem. If you find that the issue is not resolved, please take it to the warranty center or the repair center to receive assistance.