After a long time of using, Oppo Neo 5 phone may encounter some unexpected problems. This situation makes many experiences on the device limited, not as good as before.

 For users to promptly respond to unexpected incidents, today Điện Thoại Xanh will summarize some common errors and simple solutions. If unlucky, your phone is also in this situation, try our tips below.

1. Oppo Neo 5 is frozen due to RAM overflow


The screen is frozen during use. The phone has a jerky phenomenon. The application exits suddenly. The sensitivity of the Oppo glass is extremely slow and the application access is quite slow. Listening to music is often interrupted. When composing a message: a few moments after opening, the keyboard appears to enter, etc.


You should turn off the background or unnecessary applications on your computer to free up space for RAM.

You can clear the system cache on your phone to fix this problem.

Proceed to adjust the animation scale on Oppo devices

2. Oppo Neo 5 often loses signal


The most obvious sign when faced with this situation is that the device does not have service “No Service” or “No Sim”. The phone often loses signal during use, the virtual signal detector in the main screen, even does not display operator’s name, lost iMei, etc.


First, you should check if your Oppo Neo 5 is in airplane mode or not? If so, turn it off.

Try moving to a higher position and checking the signal status on your phone. Because you may be in a closed room or with weak reception, this may cause this case.

Try removing the sim you’re using and replace it with a different one. If the new sim is normal, it means that the sim you are using is problematic. Therefore, you should replace a new sim now.

If you just install an application that the machine shows regular signal loss. Then please remove this application from your device immediately and restart the device. It could be the cause of the continuous loss on your device.

Clean the sim, sim tray and sim connector of the device clean.

3. Oppo Neo 5 cannot connect to 3G network


The 3G connection icon is at H and H + but you still cannot access the network, the 3G connection icon is only at E or 3G level while sharing 3G to other devices is normal.


For this situation, you should carefully check whether you have turned on 3G for the machine to ON mode or not. Also check that all data is turned on. You can refer to the following steps to proceed:

Go to “Settings“> Select “General Settings“> Select “Management“. Then, select a sim that you are using 3G and continue to select data connection.

Go to “Setting“> Select “Setting all“> Select “Mobile network“> Go to “3G network settings” and select the sim that you are using 3G. Go back to the main screen and check if the device is on 3G or not.

4. Oppo Neo 5 automatically turns on the speakerphone


The device automatically turns on the speakerphone when making calls, playing games, listening to music, etc even though users do not touch the volume keys.


First, you should reboot your Oppo Neo 5, see if the phenomenon still exists.

If there are still errors you proceed to remove Google or the Chrome version you are installing on your computer. Then, reboot the device, and update the latest version of Chrome for your device. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

From the main screen> Go to CH Play store> Then select “Setting“> Select “turn off automatic updating of applications“. Finally, go back to the main screen to check.

However, your device still has an error, please take it to an Oppo service center or a reputable repair center for technicians to check.

5. Oppo Neo 5 was reset while installing the game on CH Play store, Appstore.vn


When installing the game on CH Play, the device will be reset, CH Play will turn around and cannot load data.


To fix this, you need to restore your Oppo phone to its factory settings. Remember to back up your photos, contacts and other essentials stored on your device.

How to restore factory settings: Settings> Backup & Reset> Restore factory settings.

6. Oppo Neo 5 hang logo


Oppo Neo 5 hang logo is the status of your phone when booting, it just stopped at the Oppo logo and you can not access the main screen.


For software errors, you need to run the system software again, repair the boot or up the room, etc.

And if it is due to hardware errors such as broken motherboards, faulty chips, damaged main boards, etc., then you must perform a new replacement to fix this situation.

7. Oppo Neo 5 camera cannot connect


Turn on the camera and the camera says “camera error” and you cannot access the photography application.


If it’s a software error, just turn off the power and reboot. Then go to the camera to check again.

If the power off does not work, you should back up your personal data and perform a factory reset using a hotkey by following these steps:

  • Power off.
  • Hold the Power key + Volume down key at the same time.
  • Then wait until the Recovery screen appears.
  • Use the Volume down key to move the location and use the Power key to select the “wipe data and cache” line.
  • Select “Yes — delete all user data”.
  • Finally, select “reboot system now”.

8. Oppo Neo 5: Have to wait so long to open the lock screen


Every time you open the phone lock screen, you have to wait a long time to unlock it.


For this error, you need to reinstall the operating system for the phone, like the case that while installing the game on the CH Play store, the device is reset.

Note: You must proceed to select the steps “Wipe data and cache“.

There are some cases when unlocking Oppo and the screen is still black as if not power up. There may be screen errors or power errors, you should take to a repair center for technical staff to check for errors.

The above is a summary of some common errors on Oppo Neo 5. Hope our sharing will help you solve the error successfully and have many interesting experiences with your mobile phone.